Best 6 Ab Exercises You Should Do for a Sexy Sixpack!


Do this six ab exercises at the gym or home 3-4 times a week for the next 60 days.

We all do love a dry Sixpack. Strengthening and toning your abs requires no more or no less effort than any other muscular group in the body.

The American Council on Exercise recommends resting a day in between abdominal workouts to allow for muscular recovery and growth.


1. Sit Ups: min. 15 or failure

Rest 30 sec.

2. Leg Raise: min. 15 or failure

Rest 30 sec.

3. Oblique Crunches: min. 10 each side or failure

Rest 30 sec.

4. Knee Pull-In: min. 15 or failure

Rest 30 sec.

5. Toe Toucher: min. 15 or failure

Rest 30 sec.

6. Leg Side Raises (Pendulum): min. 10 each side or failure

If you cannot do an exercise, due to lower-back injuries for instance, feel free to substitute it for an exercise that does not bother your back.

How to perform correctly this sixpack exercises:

1. Sit Ups:

Step 1: Lie flat on your back on the floor with your knees bent and your legs secured under a piece of heavy furniture or bench.
Step 2: Place your hands by your chest.
Step 3: Flexing your abs, raise your torso until you are in nearly a sitting position.

2. Leg Raise:

Step 1: Lie flat on your back on the floor, legs straight in front of you. Place your hands at your sides by the floor for support if you want.
Step 2:  Flexing your lower abdominals, raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the floor. Retaining tension on the abs, lower your legs to the beginning position. Smooth with control.

3. Oblique Crunches:

Step 1: Lie on your right side with your legs on top of each other.
Step 2: Knees bent a little bit. Place your left hand behind your head.
Step 3: Begin by moving your left elbow up as you would perform a normal crunch except this time the main emphasis is on your obliques. Crunch as high as you can, hold the contraction for a second and then slowly drop back down into the starting position. Breathe in during the eccentric (lowering) part of the exercise.

4. Knee Pull-In:

Step 1: Lie on an exercise mat. Bend your knees and raise your legs so that they form a 90 degree angle. Place your palms under your glutes or facing down beside you.
Step 2: Next, begin exercise by extending your legs out and touching the floor with your toes so that you feel a tight stretch in your lower abs.
Step 3: Return to the starting position, inhaling as you do so.
Step 4: Repeat for the number of reps in your set.

5. Toe Toucher: 

Step 1: Lie down on the floor or an exercise mat with your back pressed against the floor. Your arms across your sides with the palms facing down.
Step 2: Legs together. Slowly elevate your legs up in the air until they are almost perpendicular to the floor with a slight bend at the knees. Feet parallel to the floor. Arms are fully extended at a 45 degree angle from the floor. This is the starting position.
Step 4: Lower back pressed against the floor, slowly lift your torso and use your hands to try and touch your toes. Important: Exhale while perform.
Step 5: Slowly lower your torso and arms back down to the starting position while inhaling.

6. Pendulum or known as windshield wiper:

Step 1: Lie on the floor flat on your back and raise your legs until you have a 90-degree bend at the hips.
Step 2: Keep your legs straight, lower them to the right, allowing them to come almost all the way to the floor.
Step 4: Return the legs to the upright position and then lower them to the left.


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