This 6 Tips Will Make your Your Abs Pop

1: At least three times ab training a week

Abs are sustaining your core, they are always working. Therefore you need to train them more often in order to make them grow. Increase your training frequency for abs by performing ab workouts at least three times a week. Some people  train everyday there abs for at least 10 mins this maintains their abs and keeps them strong.

2: Train – upper, lower and obliques

Most people just do crunches or situps and call it a day. Thus one section of the abs more developed and stronger while the other ones are underdeveloped. To really make your abs pop, include at least one specific exercise that targets each area of your abs during your ab workouts.

3: Cardio at least three times a week

Cardio is the key factor! Low-intensity cardio training has its time and place. Interval cardio routine will rev up your metabolism and you start burning some real fat. Intervals have been shown to burn more fat than cardio sessions done at a constant slow-to-moderate intensity. Interval cardio also increases your metabolism at a higher rate for a longer period after exercise is over which results in greater calories burned over time.

4: Eat Clean

As you have heard it before – great abs are made in the kitchen. It does matter how many hours you work out if your nutrition is not on point, your abs won’t show.

5: Carnitine, green tea, and caffeine

Supplements can help you reveal your abs. Supplements such as fat burners have shown to burn and accelerate the fat burning process. Some of the best ones include carnitine, green extract, and caffeine.

Carnitine is also a popular fat-burner but also a powerful anabolic supplement. Carnitine transports fat into mitochondria cells where it burned and used as energy. It is also known to enhance muscle growth by increasing blood flow to muscles. It also can increase testosterone levels postworkout.

6: Water Water Water

Keep yourself hydrated – This is essential. The most dehydrated you are, the more your body will retain water and store it under your skin. This will actually look like excess fat. Therefore drink plenty of water to keep your metabolism high and maintain muscle fullness. Not only that but the water will help you satisfy cravings.

If you supply creatine you should have even more water a day. You should at least have a gallon of water per day


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