BCAAs Supplements Beneficial? Branched-Chain Amino Acids Truth.

BCAA’s One of the Best Supplements to Grow Muscle?

BCAAs are probably the most relevant benefit to anyone who wants more muscle. The fact that BCAAs increase the activity of signaling pathways involved in muscle growth, boosting protein synthesis in muscle tissue.

Taken before and after resistance exercise, BCAAs can also reduce both markers of muscle damage as well as delayed-onset muscle soreness.

In one 12-day study, participants took either 10 grams of a BCAA supplement or a placebo twice a day (morning and evening) [source]. In addition, after an overnight fast, they took a further 20 grams of BCAAs one hour before exercise and again immediately afterwards.

Muscle soreness peaked two days after the workout. But the level of soreness was significantly lower when subjects took BCAAs. There was also less muscle damage and a faster recovery of muscle function in the BCAA group.

There’s also evidence that BCAA supplements can improve the “anabolic hormonal profile” during a period of high-intensity strength training [source].

A group of “recreationally active” men was assigned to either a BCAA or placebo group. They took the supplement, which contained 3.3 grams of BCAAs and 2 grams of glutamine, for three weeks. In the fourth week, they carried on taking the supplement but also lifted weights on four separate occasions.

Alongside a reduction in markers of muscle damage, the researchers also found that the testosterone: cortisol ratio – used for studying and preventing overtraining syndrome in various sports – was significantly higher when the men took BCAAs.

Reduce Cortisol and Boost Testosterone

A study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research indicates that BCAAs have additional, even more powerful effects, such as manipulating testosterone and cortisol levels. According to research from Ball State University, it’s legitimate.

The quality of the BCAAs are very important!

You should go only for trustable brands, and stay aways from cheap eastern products. Some BCAAs on the market today are made from duck feathers and human hair.


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