This is What Happens When You Go Vegan


Want to Go Vegan?

If you are planning to go vegan for environmental and ethical reasons, you will be glad to know that this lifestyle has health benefits.


Your skin may clear up

As dairy causes some people to break out, getting rid of it might result in fewer breakouts. Eating fresh produce regularly also supplies your skin with an array of vitamins.

Likely you will lose weight

Plant-based diet will help you shed a few kilos because cutting out meat and dairy eliminates a large portion of your calorie intake.

Reduses bloating

Eliminating dairy reduces gas production in your gut, which alleviates bloating after meals. Dairy replacements such as almond milk or coconut are not likely to cause gas or discomfort.

Your digestion will improve

Vegetables and legumes increases your intake of fibre, which will improve your bowel movements.

 You will feel energised

Leafy vegetables provide you with all the iron you need. A vegan diet that comprises nuts, seeds, legumes and vegetables offers an ample amount of protein, minerals and vitamins.


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